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Let’s Celebrate: The Year of the Dragon!

Let’s Celebrate: The Year of the Dragon!

Embrace the vibrant traditions and auspicious symbolism as we usher in the Chinese New Year on February 10.  2024 is the Year of the Dragon and in the Chinese culture, the dragon represents strength, wisdom, and good fortune.

The festivities surrounding Chinese New Year are a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and flavors. From the vibrant red lanterns that adorn streets to the exhilarating dragon and lion dances, every element is steeped in symbolism and cultural significance. Families and friends come together for reunion dinners, exchanging red envelopes for good luck, and participating in age-old customs that foster harmony and prosperity.

If you are in a major metropolitan area with a Chinatown, I highly encourage you to attend parades and festivals for the New Year. Or creating your own Chinese New Year celebration can be a fun and festive endeavor. Here are some idea starters to help you plan a memorable event:

  • Design invitations with a dragon motif and decorate your space with red and gold accents. Incorporate traditional Chinese symbols like lanterns, banners, and lucky knots.
  • Create a Chinese-inspired specialty cocktail, such as a lychee martini (recipe below) and serve it in our lead-free crystal Dragon martini glasses
  • Serve traditional Chinese cuisine such as dumplings, spring rolls and Longevity noodles in Chinese carryout containers.
  • Serve fortune cookies with green tea ice cream in our lead-free crystal Dragon tidbit bowls.
  • Embrace the tradition of giving red envelopes (hongbao) filled with small gifts or good luck money as party favors.

As we go into the Year of the Dragon, let's draw inspiration from its majestic qualities—forge ahead with determination, harness our inner strength, and soar to new heights. May this Chinese New Year bring you and your loved ones good health, happiness, and the fulfillment of your dreams. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Lychee Martini
2 ½ oz. Monin’s lychee puree (or create your own)
¼ oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1 ½ oz. Vodka
Ice Cubes
Fresh lychee for garnish 


1. In a cocktail shaker add lychee puree, St. Germain and vodka with some ice cubes

2. Put the top on the shaker and vigorously shake it for 7-10 seconds

3. Pour the cocktail through a strainer into our Dragon martini glass and add a fresh lychee as a garnish

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